NH-ISAC Provider Special Interest Council

Providers face significant cyber security exposure in everyday events i.e. recent cases of ransomware.  With the provider community cyber security is considered secondary behind patient quality of care objectives as well as clinical research aspirations.  Providers work to develop new discoveries that can significantly impact patient health in various ways including through Population Health.  With competing objectives and the goal of being more patient friendly, cyber security goals are sometime deferred or minimized at the behest leadership.  This group is looking to find innovative ways to improve cyber security while not impeding patient care to lower the risk to the organization that may be vulnerable to attacks by the former employees, contractors, or potential hackers who look to compromise critical systems and steal heath records.   

The goals of the group are to share ideas and generate white papers as well as new solutions to address the new technology within the provider community.

· Establish (or adopt) a minimum standard for cyber security

· Establish standards for tele health technology

· Assist with supporting the smaller provider organizations

· Increase the share of methods for cyber security and data protection

· Develop patient/employee friendly cyber security approaches

· Assist with training and awareness campaigns 

This collaboration will help the community improves its overall cyber security posture and improve its interaction with patients.