Energy ISAC – IoT DDoS White Paper

Internet of Things DDoS White Paper

October 24, 2016

Over the past several months, existing attack surfaces and new malware payloads were exploited in unique ways, using custom attack software. The E-ISAC developed the following recommendations for defensive capabilities in the Electricity Subsector with suggestions to improve the overall posture of network security and cyber security within our community. Security, if considered at all, is typically an afterthought for devices designed to be used as part of the Internet of Things (IoT). Cyber security practitioners agree that nearly all devices on the Internet are more likely to be attacked because of the general omission of security in the design process of these new devices. Due to the highly interconnected state of the IoT, the insecurity built into systems as mundane as consumer products and toys can now be leveraged against systems as critical as industrial controls, such as those used in the electric power industry.

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