National Healthcare and Public Health Cybersecurity Initiatives

National Cybersecurity Intelligence Situational Awareness, Information Sharing, Countermeasure Solutions,
Incident Response, Leading Practice and Workforce Education

Prevention, Protection, Mitigation, Response & Recovery



Close to 90% of the nation’s critical infrastructures are owned and operated by the private sector.  The health sector represents the highest breached industry with a persistent and cascading cyber attack security threat landscape.  As enterprise security demands accelerate, the value of nationwide coordinated healthcare cybersecurity protection, an educated security workforce and access to the health sector’s Information Sharing & Analysis Center (NH-ISAC) ensures a sound, security risk mitigation strategy and contributes to a secure and resilient national healthcare and public health critical infrastructure.

National initiatives bring together healthcare and public critical infrastructure owners and operators (locally, statewide, regionally and nationally), empowering them with the up-to-date intelligence information and tools they need to improve security resilience within their organizations and the nation’s critical infrastructures.

Supported by NH-ISAC memberships, initiatives provide high value to individuals, to individual organizations, and to the nation to facilitate ensuring and enabling national and international critical infrastructure security collaboration and coordination.


NH-ISAC National initiatives work to achieve three goals:

Increase Security Resilience (Prevention, Protection, Mitigation, Response & Recovery) – Private Sector and Public Sector (Federal, State, Tribal, Territorial Governments) Collaboration and Coordination

Expand Security Awareness and Workforce Education – Educating the Public, the Health Sector’s Workforce (Growing a National Cybersecurity Workforce)

Enhance Security Leading Practices – Provide the health sector with “defining voice” opportunities to develop, refine, implement and sustain security leading practice (NIST Cybersecurity Framework (Presidential Executive Order), Standards and Certification Bodies, Security Technology Innovators)

Initiatives are focused to:

Improve – Initiatives working to improve National Healthcare and Public Health Critical Infrastructure security intelligence, information sharing, response and education (growing a National Cybersecurity workforce)

Adopt – Initiatives working to expand adoption of and improve security leading practices – Research Innovation Communication, Collaboration and Coordination.

Address – Initiatives addressing cross-cutting and interdependent key security issues and challenges within the health sector and across all critical infrastructures at the policy, leadership and access levels.

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