Joining NH-ISAC is one of the best ways healthcare and public health organizations can protect their organizations and customers against cybersecurity threats and vulnerabilities while taking an active role contributing to safeguarding our nation’s critical infrastructure.

NH-ISAC members receive trusted and timely expert information that increases healthcare and public health sector-wide knowledge of cybersecurity threats and vulnerabilities and 24/7 access to best practice business and technology solutions (risk management, counter measures, incident response, predictive modeling, security evaluations, penetration testing, security awareness and workforce education.

The provision of NH-ISAC services are accomplished through the support and commitment of five elements of the NH-ISAC organizational structure and National coordination, coordination and communications.

NH-ISAC Members

NH-ISAC Leadership Board

NH-ISAC Board of Directors

NH-ISAC Executive Director / CEO

NH-ISAC Executive Management and Staff

National Healthcare & Public Health Cybersecurity Council, NH-ISAC, Committees, SIGs

National Healthcare & Public Health Global Situational Awareness Center (GSAC)

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NH-ISAC Membership Benefits Include:

Health IT cybersecurity information sharing and collaboration is administered via a trusted forum – the NH-ISAC Membership Secure Portal. Access to the NH-ISAC trusted forum for access to sector-specific detailed analysis – cybersecurity threat and vulnerability monitoring alerts, technical alerts for system administrators and technical users, weekly summaries/archived reports, situational awareness and response solutions, incident response and countermeasure guidance, business and technology best practice, white papers, discussion boards, Special Interest Groups (SIGs), Advisory Council/Committees, Security Awareness Training, Workforce Education, Cybersecurity Governance Guidelines, etc.

Number of certificate-protected user log-ins – up to 20.

Healthcare and Public Health Sector Reporting, Exchange and Analysis of Electronic Incidents, Threats, Attacks, Vulnerabilities, Solutions, Countermeasures (Proactive and Reactive).

NH-ISAC Critical Infrastructure Cybersecurity Alert Notification System (CICANS) – Automated emergency notification service allowing the NH-ISAC to reach its membership in a matter of minutes via multiple communication channels in the event of a crisis. Access to the latest cybersecurity threat and vulnerability data and metrics. Detailed analysis and dissemination of 24/7 Healthcare and Public Health Sector Critical Infrastructure cybersecurity monitoring via member profile-based alert e-mail notifications, advisories, bulletins. twice-weekly technical conference calls, monthly newsletters.

Access to NH-ISAC 24/7 Cybersecurity Situational Awareness and Response Expertise. Threat Conference Calls (Participation on twice-a-week technical conference calls that cover a variety of cyber and physical security issues. Trusted Email Registry. Number of persons receiving NH-ISAC e-mail (up to 25). Number of persons receiving encrypted NH-ISAC technical e-mail (up to 20).

Two-Way Information Sharing (Attributable and Anonymous). Ability to share information with membership through anonymous and attributed submissions. Ability to post alerts and notifications to members. Share critical and sensitive information within the sector and government without attribution.
Access to discounted training and information security workforce education (instructor-led, online). Discounted customized training.
24/7 access to NH-ISAC Security Analysts. Access to cybersecurity business and technology industry best practice, timely reports, ability to submit topics of interest for member surveys, etc. Access to Sensitive Threat, Vulnerability and Analytical Products, Resources and Tools. Access to, and opportunities to engage with key cyber security expert, standards organizations and cybersecurity information sharing policy makers.


[accordion-item title=”EMERGENCY RESPONSE”]Emergency Response Coordination, Operational Practices, Guidelines, and Exercises. Provide subject-matter expertise needed to coordinate sector-wide responses to incidents and emergencies including cross-sector impacts.

Opportunity to serve on the NH-ISAC Board of Directors, Advisory Council, Executive and Technology Committees and chair NH-ISAC Committees and Working Groups. Help Shape Public Policy. Network with industry leaders and peers. Opportunity for Members to Identify and Implement Special Interest Groups (SIGs).
RevenueNon-ProfitFor ProfitAcademia or Gov.
$0 - $5Bn$5,000$10,000$5,000
$5Bn - $10Bn$10,000$15,000
$10 Bn - $20 Bn$15,000$25,000
$20 Bn and Above$25,000$50,000

* Updated Pricing Model as of April 1, 2016

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Join the NHISAC

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