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Best Practices for your Third Party Risk Governance and Assessments Program

Presented by Kenneth Peterson and Donald E. Williams of Churchill & Harriman


Best Practices for managing a comprehensive and forward-thinking third party risk governance and assessment program. – Presented by Churchill & Harriman

The NH-ISAC’s mission is to proactively “share” critical information amongst its members. For most healthcare organizations, third party governance is a top-5 element of enterprise risk. Beginning in 1997, Churchill & Harriman (C&H) has been entrusted to help leading healthcare organizations manage their third party risk.

On October 15, we invite you to join our NH-ISAC webinar where C&H will share the challenges and best practices for managing a comprehensive and forward-thinking third party risk governance and assessment program.

For more information on this webinar or on the C&H executive presenters, please visit www.chus.com.

Speakers – Ken Peterson and Donald E. Williams.

Ken Peterson

Ken Peterson has 30 years of progressive experience in developing and implementing enterprise risk management and human resources consulting solutions. Churchill & Harriman (C&H), the firm he founded in 1986, develops and implements enterprise risk management solutions and 3rd Party risk management solutions. C&H helps clients select and implement controls, processes, and tools that identify, measure, and manage enterprise risk.

Donald E. Williams

For more than 20 years, Donald E. Williams has successfully led service and technical teams responsible for the largest revenue-generating programs in top global organizations. Williams is well respected for creating operational programs that result in increased efficiency, tremendous cost savings and significant profitability.

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